I have been training with Andrew for many years. Prior to that I had not been inside a gym for about 10 years.

We train whenever possible - up to 5 mornings a week - alternating to boxing training and weight training. That in itself ought to be tribute enough. I am fundamentally lazy and often it is only the thought of not wanting to let Andrew down drags me out of bed. I am never disappointed.

With Andrews guidance and encouragement I am now fitter at 42 than I was at 22. I cannot train properly if Andrew is not there (I cheat). With him there is no cheating . He knows where my limits lie, where I do not, and he tests and stretches them day in, day out. I never know what is coming next, there is always some variation that gets slipped in just when I am getting too familiar with a particular weight or movement. There is no such thing as routine.

Under Andrews guidance we do not hump large lumps of metal. We do controlled exercises under tension and if it's not right we do it again to get the technique right.

Over the last couple of years I have watched his business grow - clients tend to stick once they find him!

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew wholeheartedly. He is utterly dependable and if I get the gym he is always there.

Andrew Briggs (Lawyer)

I began seeing Andrew on a regular basis three months prior to my wedding with the aim, like most brides, of losing a little weight and toning up my physique. The benefit of using Andrew were two-fold. Not only did he design an excellent program which was tailored to my individual needs and which varied as my fitness levels improved but his extensive knowledge of physiology and nutrition were invaluable.

Andrew is a complete professional whose sessions are motivational, fun and which above all produces results. Because of his training, I felt fit and fabulous for my big day and have continued to use his services to work towards a goal maintaining a good level of fitness, health and well being for the future.

Beverly Doyle (Web Designer )

I trained with Andrew on a regular basis for over 8 years. My objectives were to maintain, and if possible improve, my general level of fitness and to be fit for my ski holidays. I'm happy to say that with Andrew's assistance, I have achieved both. Moreover I am fitter and stronger now in my mid 50s than I was in my 30s! Andrew always introduced interesting exercises that gave just enough challenge that suited my needs. His programmes also gave me a wide variety of exercises which I enjoyed.

Andrew was always encouraging and supportive and I have no hesitation in recommending him. It is my loss that he moved away but he established an excellent foundation which I will work to maintain.

Jane Evans

I started training with Andy as part of my rehabilitation after a serious injury. I broke both my femurs and shattered my pelvis. Andy played a huge role in my rehabilitation and building my confidence back up in the gym. I was hesitant about working with a new trainer after my injury but I immediately felt at ease training with Andy. His attention to detail and supreme body awareness made me confident in my techniques which was particularly important to me whilst training with my injuries. I looked forward to every training session with Andy. Each session was fun and interesting and always different from the last whilst still targeting the same areas for improvement. I was concerned that I would not be able to push myself with my injuries but I felt satisfied after each session. Andy's level of experience and knowledge meant we were able to work with my injuries allowing me to train hard and accomplish my goals.

During my training with Andy I built up muscle strength in all areas, making my day to day life much easier. My fitness increased substantially and Andy helped me get back into running which is something I did regularly before. Andy taught me how to run with a barefoot technique to ensure that my muscles were doing more of the work and to minimise the impact on my joints. Training with Andy always kept me inspired and on track to achieve any goals I had set myself.

Charlotte Abraham (Hair and Beauty Salon Director)

Andy Jeffery is truly an excellent trainer. The perfect combination of tough,encouraging,warm and kind.

When I met Andy - many years ago, I had been exercising for months and not seeing any results....truthfully I did not know where to start and needed a complete exercise schedule with a professional.

Andy gave me motivation and accountability.

As I became more experienced I still needed to be challenged to push my self-imposed limits and have confidence to exercise on my own. Andy gave me the self belief that I could compete in sporting events and over the last couple of years I have taken part in 5km runs, progressed to Triathlon and for fun The Nuts Challenge.

With Andy's guidance and expertise I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. Sessions with Andy were hard but great fun and I always came away feeling better about myself.

Andy Jeffery you are a star ....

Sheila Manning
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