Personal Training


Why choose personal training?

Your personal trainer will ensure you get the very best from each workout. No matter whether you are a beginner needing guidance on where to start on your fitness journey; whether you lack motivation and require encouragement or someone to be accountable to for your workouts and choices you make outside the gym; or an advanced exerciser and want expert advice.

Personal training can help by providing that extra attention, support, encouragement and guidance needed to achieve your personal goals.

Your personal trainer will guide you through your new lifestyle, stating your workouts for the week ahead, advise on nutrition, perform fitness tests and monitor your progress.

What if I have an injury?

Your personal trainer can help you train around an injury, keeping you active whilst also assisting in the rehabilitation process with the correct technique and exercises, working alongside physiotherapists and other fitness professionals. Inactivity quickly leads to a reduction in fitness and muscle strength in as little as 48 hours leading to potential problems with flexibility and mobility.

Isn't Personal Training expensive?

Personal training is not only for the rich and famous!

Personal training can be tailored to suit your budget and specific needs. Most people opt for one or two sessions a week with discounts offered for block booking. Others opt for once a fortnight or once a month plus a written program. This requires updating every six weeks.

Whatever your budget personal training is the most cost effective way to help you get fit and healthy and achieve those personal goals.

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