Kettlebell Training


What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a cast iron/steel weight resembling a cannonball on a handle.

What is kettlebell training?

Kettlebell training helps improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility without having to use expensive gyms and fancy equipment. The work capacity that you get from a kettlebell workout is phenomenal because of the amount of muscle recruitment required to perform the exercises. One kettlebell exercise can work the major muscle groups throughout the body burning a significant amount of calories.

Kettlebell training requires you to switch on your deep core tissues helping build core strength and stability which is crucial in keeping your spine strong for simple everyday tasks such as gardening and carrying shopping.

Performing multi-joint exercises like the swing, squat and lunge with the kettlebell means the heart has to work incredibly hard to keep oxygenated blood pumping around your body. Kettlebell exercises also builds joint strength and stability which helps prevent injury and assist in the rehabilitation of muscle through recovery.

Because kettlebell training is weight bearing exercise programme it can improve bone density, especially for women approaching the menopause as it can help prevent or slow the process of osteoporosis.

Why train with kettlebells?

There isn't another single piece of equipment that can work your entire body in the same way and, if taught correctly, can get you amazing results both inside and out!

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