Fitcamp Training


What is a Fitcamp Training?

Fitcamp Training is an outdoor group training programme in open spaces such as parks and fields using a wide variety of equipment such as battle ropes, boxing gloves and pads, medicine balls, Kettlebells and your own bodyweight. The workouts are never the same, this not only keeps the sessions interesting but also ensures that all major muscle groups are worked in a wide variety of ways leading to an increase in fitness and strength and improving mobility and flexibility. Fitcamp is a mixture of cardiovascular, strength, mobility and endurance training. At Fitcamp you will learn to lift safely and effectively as well as push, pull, crawl, throw and run - all based in an outside setting.

Who is Fitcamp Training for?

Fitcamp is fun for everyone who wants to train in a group or in an outdoor setting as opposed to a traditional gym based programme. If you don't mind getting a little dirty and being outside in the fresh air rather than being cooped up inside a sweaty gym then Fitcamp training is for you! At Fitcamp you will meet like-minded people.

What does Fitcamp Training cost?

Fitcamp is very affordable. The charges are kept low to keep fitness and living a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone - just like attending an aerobics class.

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