Suspension Training


What is suspension training?

Suspension training can be performed absolutely any time, any place and anywhere by anyone once they have mastered the correct technique. Movements can be broken down into simple steps and be adapted to any body type.

The simple nature of this type of training means you only need a small space and virtually no equipment - just a suspension system (TRX or Olympic Rings) which can be taken anywhere. This requires an anchor point such as a door frame or tree.

Suspension training focuses on natural body movements that we perform daily such as squat,lunge, push, pull and rotate and is great for anyone new to exercise who does not want to train with heavy weights.

Suspension training can be performed in any environment such as a garden, garage, lounge or park.

Is Suspension Training suitable for me?

Suspension training can be tailored to suit beginners or advanced exercisers. Suspension training is so versatile with endless variations on any given exercise.

Suspension training will help to improve flexibility and mobility by working through full range of motion, improve core strength and improve muscle definition leading to a greater sense of body awareness.

Can Suspension Training be used in any type of workout?

Suspension training can be incorporated into any workout program to assist in building muscle endurance and strength and used as a warmup or stretching tool.

Suspension training can also be used in rehabilitation with the TRX or Olympic Rings for added support.

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